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  • PURAURA Naturals
  • 5662 West Clubhouse Drive Hurricane, UT 84737
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Our Story

Rich soil, pristine water, and a commitment to purity.

Based in southern Utah, the PURAURA Naturals family takes a quality-driven, hands-on approach to the growth of our hemp plants and the extraction of their oils.

We know you can’t control the quality of outsourced raw materials. So unlike other CBD providers, we don’t outsource.

At PURAURA, we don’t do a lot of things other CBD companies do.

We created our own vertical infrastructure by integrating the unique expertise and technology of other family companies, like our processing and extraction facility.

Our approach enables us to control the entire supply chain—from the meticulous selection of hemp genetic seeds, to farming that produces hemp flowers that burst with cannabinoids, to providing PURAURA with quality raw materials for its mind/body wellness solutions—assuring consistency and reliability.

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