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New Study On CBD For Sleep

New Study On CBD For Sleep

23rd Jun 2021

CBD For Sleep?

Everyone has been through it, and experienced those nights: where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to quiet the mind, and drift off to sleep. Whether you are having racing thoughts, you’re too hot or too cold, or you’re trying to remember if you remembered to lock the front door before going to bed. While most people do experience these nights from time to time, for other people it is a weekly, or even nightly occurrence. More and more studies are being published showing the importance of sleep in healthy brain function, balancing the mood, and even for overall life longevity. Thankfully, there is an increasing amount of studies that are informing that CBD (or cannabidiol) may be incredibly effective in helping the body relax enough in order to fall asleep; and get the mental and physical rest that your body needs. This is especially a relief to those everyday people whom, for many natural reasons, find falling asleep to be a slightly more difficult challenge.

How Does CBD Help With Sleep?

When initial studies started coming out covering the success of CBD for sleep much interest was sparked from the general public. These studies demonstrated the calming effect that something like a CBD tincture may have on the nervous system, while also showing potential value for treating other disorders such as insomnia, and even schizophrenia, anxiety, epilepsy and other human conditions.

One such study, Cannabidiol for Anxiety and Sleep, analyzed the clinical application of CBD for anxiety and CBD for sleep complaints in 72 adult patients. Anxiety patients were given 25 mg of CBD capsules every morning after breakfast. When administering CBD for sleep, it can be in the form of CBD pills, CBD oil capsules, from a pure CBD tincture or even in lotions such as a cooling cream. For the duration of the study, insomnia patients received the same dose every night following dinner. A small group were given increased doses of 50 mg and 75 mg of CBD pills.

Within the first month, anxiety scores decreased in nearly 80 percent of patients, and remained low through the duration of the study. For the insomnia subjects, sleep scores improved within the first month in 66.7 percent of patients, but varied over time. Side effects were minimal, with all but 3 of the subjects tolerating CBD well. These promising results demonstrate that cannabidiol may prove helpful to those who suffer from insomnia and other anxiety-related disorders. Because the study was naturalistic, the results must be interpreted cautiously; however, there is increasing evidence demonstrating the possible benefits of CBD for these ailments.

What Were The Findings?

This particular study concluded by saying that CBD shows great promise for treating insomnia and other anxiety-related disorders. You can learn more about this study here. Thanks to the increasing popularity and availability of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-based products (ranging from CBD oil tinctures, to hemp capsules, to pure CBD isolate powder for purchase) many studies have now been published that discuss CBD and its potential use in treating a broad range of medical ailments. A large number of countries around the world are now classifying CBD as a medicinal product, and a report of cannabidiol by the world health organization by the World Health Organization (WHO) has published interesting findings on the many potential therapeutic benefits that CBD and cannabinoids can provide.

Would CBD Work for Me?

With the almost limitless possibilities of CBD application, it is encouraging to see the increased interest and awareness of the many potential benefits that CBD and hemp-based products may provide. There are many CBD tinctures for sale, or many different choices of brands ranging from pure CBD oil, to hemp capsules for sleep, we suggest doing your research to find out which CBD tinctures are right for you. Most importantly, it is our duty to spread the information to educate patients (and the world) about the fascinating cannabis plant, and how much it can aid in helping you get the sleep you need.

This article was written by the researchers at Puraura Naturals based on the following study: Cannabidiol (CBD) Pre-Review Report, (2017). World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. You can learn more by clicking here

In addition, it was also based on the following study: Shannon, S., M.D., Lewis, N., MD, et. al. (2019). Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series. The Permanente Journal.


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