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Body Lotion 600mg CBD

Our CBD Body Lotion is fast-acting and specially formulated with only the purest effective ingredients and cannabinoids designed for recovery and skin, joint, and muscle health. It works when absorbed into the skin and through the dermal layers. Soreness, fatigue, and aches are no match.

Interested in learning more about CBD and other cannabinoids?
Check out our proud partner:
Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information (CSCI).

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Why PURAURA Body Lotion?

icon of 3 lines representing easing inflammation for PURAURA Naturals' CBD Lotion
Ease Inflammation

The simple and natural ingredients in PURAURA Topicals can help to ease troublesome inflammation.

icon with lightning in cirlce representing boost recovery for PURAURA Naturals' CBD Lotion
Boost Recovery

We designed these products to empower you to live an active and healthy life – and a big part of that is recovering effectively.

icon with ripple representing soothing revoery for PURAURA Naturals' CBD Lotion
Soothe Soreness

No one can live their most active life when soreness is keeping you grounded. Topicals can help to support sore muscles.

What's in PURAURA Body Lotion?

Lavender, PURAURA herbal blend (goji berry, ginger root, licorice root), jojoba esters, shea butter, and cannabidoil (CBD). See label for full list of ingredients.

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