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Premium 1500mg CBD Vegan Gummies

We created our tasty vegan CBD gummies to make elevating your aura an experience. These delicious little bites are a perfect treat for peace of mind and a sense of calm on a busy morning, camping trip, or day at the office.

Interested in learning more about CBD and other cannabinoids?
Check out our proud partner:
Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information (CSCI).

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Why PURAURA Gummies?

icon of 3 lines representing easing inflammation for PURAURA Naturals' gummies
Enhanced Focus

When you find your mind drifting, PURAURA Gummies can help create a more attentive state of mind.

icon of person meditating representing relief from stress with PURAURA Naturals' gummies
Relief from Stress

We all have moments that require a recharged aura. Gummies are a simple, tasty solution.

icon person and lotus representing sense of calm with PURAURA Naturals' gummies
Sense of Calm

After a whirlwind day, kick back and relax; it’s gummy time.

What's in PURAURA Gummies?

Corn syrup, sugar, pectin, citric acid, vegetable oil, cannuba wax, and cannabidoil (CBD).

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