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Table of Contents:
What Are CBD Products?
The Application of CBD Products
What Makes PURAURA’s CBD Products Different?
Health Benefits of CBD Products
What To Look for When Buying CBD Products
FAQs for CBD Products
What Is CBD Made From?
How To Use CBD
How Much CBD Should I Take?
How Does CBD Oil Work?
How Long Does CBD Oil Stay In Your System?
How Much THC Is In CBD Oil?
Where To Buy CBD


What Are CBD Products?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many chemical compounds found in hemp plants. It is one of the two main active ingredients extracted from the plant and used to create a variety of products (usually of the self-care variety).

CBD is not a psychoactive ingredient and will not cause the “high” sensation that’s common with THC-dominant products.

Instead, CBD oil is used for its health-positive effects, and to suit the preference of individual users, CBD oil is available in several forms.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are hemp-derived oil products that an individual can use by placing a certain amount under their tongue. Because it is an oral CBD item, CBD tinctures are often flavored to make usage more pleasant.

CBD Topicals (Creams and Lotions)

Because CBD oil is so versatile, it can be absorbed through the skin as well as taken orally. CBD-infused creams and lotions can be used to target specific areas of the body where pain and discomfort are most active.

CBD topicals are often made to include essential oils and other skin-friendly ingredients to give users the best possible experience.

CBD Capsules

A CBD supplement or capsule contains a dose of CBD oil that a user can take orally, much like any other vitamin or nutritional supplement. Their soft gel consistency makes them easy to swallow and absorb.

Why Choose Our CBD Products?

PURAURA stands behind the products we sell, because we grow, extract, and ship every product in our store from our Green River farm. We maintain control of each step of the crafting process, using only the highest quality seeds, finest farming methods, and state-of-the-art extraction techniques. This results in the purest all-natural CBD oil that we use in our products.

Our establishment is family-owned and operated, and our whole team is dedicated to producing the most promising CBD strains possible.

In addition to growing with genetic expertise, we take pride in the fact that our products undergo extremely stringent testing for purity and quality. Our Certificates of Analysis  provide our customers with the knowledge that PURAURA strives to produce and sell premium, verified products.

In addition, we aim to create products that are inclusive to a wide variety of people and preferences. For those who prefer oral tinctures, we offer different strength mixtures and two different flavor profiles. For individuals who want a bit of sweetness when taking CBD products, we offer CBD-infused gummies, and they’re vegan-friendly (which is often uncommon with gummies).

We sell convenient CBD supplement capsules for quick, easy dosing and topicals for shoppers who would rather not take CBD oil orally.

The Application of CBD Products

CBD oil is a natural, non-addictive, non-psychoactive chemical compound. Because of this, it can be used worry-free for a variety of applications. Many people use it to manage anxiety, while others use it to treat chronic pain. Further still, some people find CBD for sale and use it before bed to improve their sleep quality.

CBD oil does not present any risk of overdose or addiction, so it’s quite safe to use for an array of health benefits. It can be utilized to help manage serious illness but is gentle enough to use as a skincare product.

For the best possible result, no matter what application you intend your CBD oil products to serve, seeking out pure CBD oil for sale is likely going to produce the best results. Pure products are more concentrated, cleaner, and safer than those that contain an array of preservatives and potentially harmful ingredients.

What Makes PURAURA’s CBD Products Different?

The PURAURA family sets its products apart from many other stores that sell CBD oil products in a number of ways. For one, we have complete control over our growing, harvesting, extracting, and product creation processes. Every step of the product creation process takes place at our family-owned Green River farm. As such, we are able to see to it that every product we sell is made with the highest quality ingredients.

In addition to maintaining full control over product growth and quality, our lab reports and Certificates of Analysis help drive home the true quality of our CBD oil products. Each report meets and even exceeds established standards.


Health Benefits of CBD Products

CBD oil is a pure, natural extract that presents a variety of health benefits to those who use CBD oil products. For example, using CBD supplements can

  • Relieve pain. CBD oil has been shown to relieve a wide variety of pain types, including neuropathic pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis flare-ups.
  • Enhances focus. CBD oil helps settle the mind and allows users to enhance their focus on school, work, or anything else that demands their undivided attention.
  • Improve appetite. For people suffering from illnesses that make it difficult to eat, CBD oil tends to relieve nausea and improve appetite.
  • Help lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression. CBD oil can be taken in conjunction with other medications (after consulting with a doctor), or as a standalone product for the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Improve blood pressure and heart health. CBD oil may stabilize blood pressure and help maintain heart health.
  • Help fight cancer. Studies suggest that CBD oil has tumor-shrinking properties and may help people with cancer battle the disease more effectively when used alongside an established treatment plan.
  • Compliment skin health. CBD oil reduces inflammation and can be used to decrease acne development.


What To Look for When Buying CBD Products

Whether you’re planning to buy CBD oil online or in a physical store, there are several key pieces of information to look for on the container the product is stored in. By verifying that these details are listed, you can be better assured that you’re paying for a well-made product.

Like any product you purchase, you’ll want to locate a list of ingredients, which should be printed clearly on the container. Most pure CBD oil for sale will have only a few ingredients in the product.

Next, ensure that the manufacturer or distributor’s name is on the container, as well as the weight of the product and the batch date. The lab test results might not be printed directly on the package, but the seller should be able to provide that information. Additionally, if you buy CBD online, a lab report should be easy to locate on the company’s website.

Finally, look for the amount of CBD in each serving, the amount of THC in the product (some CBD products contain THC so be careful), and the suggested usage of the product.

FAQs for CBD Products

  • What is CBD oil made from?
    CBD is an active ingredient in hemp plants. It comes from extracting oil from the plants once they’ve matured. The better the extraction process, the cleaner the resulting product. CBD is fully legal so long as it contains less than .3% THC content.
  • How do you use CBD?
    Depending on the CBD product you purchase, CBD can be used in a variety of ways. It can be consumed orally as a tincture, capsule, or gummy and it can also be absorbed topically as a lotion or body oil.CBD oil can be used when an individual feels the need to relieve a symptom they’re experiencing (such as before bed to quell anxiety, or after a workout to aid sore muscle recovery).
  • How much CBD should I take?
    At first, CBD oil should be used in small doses until you become aware of how it affects you. Some people need only a small dose to feel relief, and some people need a much larger dose. There is no way to overdose or become high from CBD oil, but taking a large dose can induce an upset stomach in some cases or make you feel a little more sleepy than usual.
  • How does CBD oil work?
    CBD is a cannabinoid, and as such, it reacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. In doing so, CBD stimulates the receptors and enables them to begin producing what is known as endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids help improve mood, reduce physical pain, and improve other bodily functions.
  • How long does CBD stay in your system?
    Typically, CBD stays in the body for 3-5 days but can remain for several weeks in some cases. However, a pure CBD product that contains 0% THC should not interfere with drug testing if needed.
  • How much THC is in CBD oil?
    This depends on the purity of the product. Some CBD products will contain more THC than others, and usually, they’re classified differently according to THC content. For example, full-spectrum CBD oil can contain no more than .3% THC. The best quality CBD oil that’s deemed pure should contain no THC at all. It’s important to check the labels of CBD products you’re thinking of buying to be sure.
  • Where can I buy CBD oil online?
    CBD has grown in popularity over the last few years and as a result, stores all over the country are selling CBD products. If you’re looking for CBD oil online, it’s wise to carefully examine product ingredients and learn more about where the products come from.Buying CBD online is a convenient way to access a wide variety of products, but it’s important to consider more than just CBD oil price. It’s relatively easy to pick up a product that contains CBD oil, but finding pure CBD oil for sale is another story.When deciding where to buy CBD oil online, the more information you can find, the better. Choosing a product that provides lab reports, has a short list of ingredients, and contains no THC content are good indicators that you’re buying a high-quality, pure product.


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