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  • PURAURA Naturals
  • 5662 West Clubhouse Drive Hurricane, UT 84737
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Our Affiliates

Mesa Rising Hemp Farms, LLC

Mesa Rising Hemp Farms combines generations of agricultural knowledge with extensive hemp expertise to cultivate a high quality, consistent cannabinoid-rich hemp crop on an industrial scale. Their experienced team blends proven farming practices with cannabis/hemp-specific expertise, allowing them to grow a predictable, high yielding, CBD-heavy crop that reduces costs, increases efficiency, and guarantees the production of quality biomass.

Red Mesa Science & Refining, LLC

We strive to be the premier large-scale producer of CBD and other cannabinoid raw materials, with an unwavering commitment to consistently delivering superior quality while providing excellent customer service. They adhere to the high standards they have set and continually invest in their company and the heart of the business—their team—who together move their company and industry forward.

Enhanced Botanicals, LLC

Bringing honesty and integrity to the CBD marketplace so consumers know what they are buying, why it will help them, and how they can participate in bringing more peace and contentment into their lives. Their senior team comes from the consumer goods arena bringing with them their expertise in product sourcing and best practices to CBD production.

  • Top-tier production and supply chain integrity
  • International distribution and marketing reach
  • Vertically traceable, third-party-tested consumer products.
  • Launched its first brand, PURAURA Naturals

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