We created our tasty vegan CBD gummies to make elevating your aura an experience. These delicious little bites are a perfect treat for peace of mind and a sense of calm on a busy morning, camping trip, or day at the office.

30 gummies containing 50mg of CBD each.

Why PURAURA Gummies?

Enhanced Focus

When the day calls for an extra bit of focus, PURAURA Gummies can inspire a more attentive state of mind.

Relief from Stress

Everyone has moments that require a fresh breath and a recharged aura. Gummies are a simple and natural solution. 

Sense of Calm

The world is certainly one wild adventure. When it’s time to kick the feet up and relax, that means its gummy-time.


Reviews From Our Customers

8 reviews for Gummies

  1. Jorge M

    girlfriend likes them. great gift!

  2. Alexis

    I’ve been getting really anxious around 3pm after my second cup of coffee at work, and needed something to calm me down and a friend recommended CBD gummies. Found this website and liked what the company was all about so I bought them and WOW I’m super impressed by how relaxed I felt while still being able to get my work done. I was nervous it might make me sleepy but it didn’t. I love my daily 3pm gummy!

  3. Ashley Gasco

    I wasn’t sure the gummies would be worth it, but happy to report this is now my fav cbd gummy. Tastes better than others and so far isn’t sticky.

  4. Cheryl Gomez

    THANK YOU for making these gummies. At 3pm everyday I eat one and feel relaxed the rest of the evening. My kids love that I take these too haha

  5. Roy Bell

    Wish i bought these a long time ago
    I’m so much more calm now

  6. Carlos Erickson

    I’ve tried other CBD gummies and these are by far my favorite.

  7. Sue Anne

    These are great! If you are on the fence about buying…don’t be!

  8. Luna Stein

    OMG, luv these gummies!! Super yummy!! They make me feel GREAAAAT!!

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What are Gummies?

Sometimes your day calls for a delicious break from the norm. We created our Vegan CBD Gummies to empower you to elevate your aura, while loving the taste.

Each PURAURA Gummy is carefully crafted with our famous all-natural hemp, combined with simple and natural ingredients made to create a daily ritual that’s just as fun as it is calming and relieving.

As with all of our products, each and every one is 3rd party tested and lab certified to ensure consistency, safety, and effectiveness.

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