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Sleep Capsules 1500mg CBD

Restful sleep is a critical piece of a fulfilled life. Our award-winning sleep capsules include several natural rest-welcoming ingredients such as passion flower, melatonin and CBD so that you can snooze with ease and awake with energy.

Interested in learning more about CBD and other cannabinoids?
Check out our proud partner:
Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information (CSCI).

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Why PURAURA Capsules?

icon of moon and stars representing sleep promotion for PURAURA Naturals' CBD sleep capsules
Restful Sleep

Get back your energy. Get a restful, fulfilling night’s sleep, the natural way.

icon of sun representing no morning haze effect for PURAURA Naturals' CBD sleep capsules
No Morning Haze

We made sure that you’ll be ready for early morning hikes, by only using only the purest ingredients so there’s no morning fog.

icon of person meditating with lotus above them representing peace of mind for PURAURA Naturals' CBD sleep capsules
Peace of Mind

No more staying up at night with your worries. CBD and melatonin can both help mute your inner monolog.

What's in PURAURA Sleep Capsules?

Melatonin, passion flower, licorice root, jujube fruit, and cannabidoil (CBD).

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