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Groundbreaking study. Breakthrough results.

PURAURA Naturals, an Enhanced Botanicals brand, recently participated in the groundbreaking Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education & Science) study*, the largest and most comprehensive randomized controlled trial of its kind.

Over the course of four weeks, this rigorous study tracked the consumption and effectiveness of orally ingested CBD products across a diverse population of nearly 3,000 participants and 13 brands, and assessed well-being, quality of life, longer-term pain, sleep quality, and feelings of anxiety using validated, standardized health guidelines.

Key findings show that study participants assigned to the “PURAURA Premium Tincture” reported a:

  • 70% improvement in well-being, as assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well Being Index
  • 49% decrease in anxiety, measured using the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)-7 scale
  • 27% improvement in sleep quality, measured using the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS™) Sleep Disturbance SF 8B scale
  • 25% decrease in pain, which was measured using the PEG-3 Scale. Participants experienced the most significant improvements during the first week of use, and generally reported effect onset one to four hours after using the product.

This exacting study provides objective health outcome data for a variety of common health conditions, with the potential to offer unprecedented guidance on CBD effectiveness based on demographic or behavioral differences.

The science behind the study.

*Radicle Science leverages a proprietary data analytics platform and a virtual, direct-to-consumer (D2C) clinical trial model to deliver objective health outcome data across diverse populations and conditions.

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